Which tribe will we be joining for Just So Festival’s 10th birthday extravaganza?

This weekend is Just So Festival‘s 10th birthday and the Wild Rumpus event team are no doubt going to pull out all the stops to make this year’s festival the best ever. We first went in 2013 when the twins were three, and have since been every year but last year, so the twins have grown up with the festival as a marker in our year.

The Tribal Tournament is always the main event for us, and we love choosing our tribe and getting our costumes prepped every year. You pick a tribe: Lions, Stags, Frogs, Fish, Owls, Bees, Foxes, and then you earn golden pebbles for your tribe throughout the festival weekend. The tribe with the most pebbles on the Sunday night wins the Tribal Tournament.

I’d love to say we’ve stayed loyal to a single tribe, but over the years we’ve changed our allegiances a good few times. We were all owls in year one. Year two saw the boys in the family switch to foxes. In 2015 we were a pair of owls and a pair of frogs. In 2016 and 2017, fish. Looking back at the photos from all those years brought back so many happy memories (and maybe a little tear or two)…

Just So Festival 2013
Just So Festival 2014
Just So Festival 2016 | Growing Spaces
Just So Festival 2015
Just So Festival 2016 | Growing Spaces
Just So Festival 2016
Just So Festival 2017 | Growing Spaces
Just So Festival 2017
Just So Festival 2017 | Growing Spaces
Just So Festival 2017

So what tribe have we opted for for this awesome 10th anniversary year? We’re going BIG, joining forces with some friends to form the intrepid Wokingham Pride – we cannot wait to don our matching safari-themed LION outfits this weekend! Here’s a little sneak peek, although to see the complete costumes you’ll need to follow our adventures on Instagram (yes, you’ve guessed it, they’re still in progress. Always lastminute.com in our house!).

If you’re going to be there this weekend, please come and say hi if you spot us. And if you’re not, you can still experience the fun virtually – I’ll be posting to Instagram Stories throughout the festival, so make sure you’re following me over there so you don’t miss a thing!

Two final words. GO LIONS!



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