It’s that time of year when my sense of wanderlust kicks into an even higher gear than normal. Everyone I know is busy booking holidays, and I’m no different, sketching out ideas for trips and adventures and trying to work out what we can make work in terms of budget and leave. This year, we’ve started our calendar of adventures by plugging in a couple of festivals so we’ve got something to look forward to and to work our holidays around. As long-time fans of multi award-winning family arts festival, Just So, we were gutted to miss the festival last… View Post

Choosing our tribe for the Tribal Tournament at the Just So Festival and working on our costumes is one of our festival highlights every year. Everyday this week I’ll be sharing easy costume and face paint ideas for each tribe, together with my good festival friend Victoria. The Fish tribe were crowned the unexpected winners of the Tribal Tournament at the Just So Festival last year (GO FISH!) – this year will they retain their title under fierce competition from the Owls, Frogs, Lions, Stags, Foxes and (newcomers this year) Bees? Those amazingly creative folk at Just So have unveiled some… View Post

Last year, the Just So Festival completely seduced me with its magic and originality. We all loved every second (eternal thanks to Kat for introducing me to this special festival), and it was an absolute given that we would want to experience it all again this year. Having been left with such a sense of wonder and happiness last year, there was a small part of me that was terrified that it wouldn’t live up to those memories, but as soon as we walked through the gates last Friday, the festival began to work its magic, and I was just as… View Post

Along with my general camping tips from our Europe road trip, there are some specific tips I’d have to offer about the Just So Festival. Just So is a very easy festival to navigate. It was our first ever festival when we attended last year, and we got into the swing of things very quickly. The site isn’t too large so it’s easy enough to get around, and the camping field is right next to the site so again, you can get to all the events nice and easily. Just So has a brilliant list of what to bring on… View Post

It’s about this time of year that we make our tribal announcement for our pilgrimage to the Just So Festival (read all about the Tribal Tournament that includes owls, foxes, stags, lions, fish and frogs), and I’m giving you a mega sneak peek of our costumes. This will be our fourth visit to Just So, and Ez and I have been owls every single time. Until now. Because this year we are all going to be FISH! Well, some kind of fish/mermaid/sea creature/pirate mash up to please all four members of the family. We’re so excited! The great thing about… View Post