Image: Dawanda I know it’s not just me who’s go the January declutter and organising bug – everyone seems to be at it! I’m relishing clearing the decks and giving loads of areas of our home a refresh, plus I’m on the lookout for great DIY projects that will help me in my mission to make our house as organised as possible. I’m tackling all the areas where clutter builds up and trying to find solutions. But money’s tight after Christmas, and we definitely don’t have much free time on our hands, so I’ve found some easy DIY projects that… View Post

The twins (age six) like to draw all the time. They’ve moved away from colouring books, and instead produce endless drawings, collages and illustrated ‘books’.  Although they each have a desk in their room, they actually enjoy drawing and creating together, so I wanted to create a surface for them with space for two, that could be stored away under their beds when not in use. We had some plywood leftover from the various DIY projects in their bedrooms, and I realised it really wouldn’t be hard to turn some of it into low tables, just by adding some casters.… View Post

Up until now the twins have shared a bedroom. They’ve been more than happy with this arrangement, but now they’ve started school (in separate classes) and we’ve been encouraging their independence more we decided that the time felt right to give them their own rooms. Ez was thrilled with the idea, but Fonz wasn’t so keen, so I knew we’d have to come up with something special to win him over. I had gymnastic rings in my bedroom as a child and my brother had a trapeze, and I wanted to come up with something similar. I’ve had a thing… View Post

I’m so darn chuffed to be nominated for Best DIY/Craft Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year, and if you haven’t voted yet, don’t panic (!), you’ve got until Sept 9 to place your vote to hopefully win me a place on the shortlist. Making things – from quick craft projects to full-on DIY endeavours – is something I’ve always loved to do, and they’re the things I most enjoy sharing here on my blog. I went back through my archives to look at all my DIY and craft posts, and thought it would be good to put… View Post

So, as I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, voting for this year’s Amara Interior Blog Awards #IBA17 closes THIS FRIDAY at 5pm. As always, I have left it until the eleventh hour to beg for your votes, but I am nominated for Best Craft Blog and I would be really thrilled to make the final shortlist. In a bid to win you over, I thought I’d do a super-quick round-up of my five most popular craft posts over the last year. Here goes… I made these compact Plywood bedside shelves back in February for our guest bedroom and I have plans to make… View Post