This month, Igor and Judith asked all the Urban Jungle Bloggers out there to show off the plants that live in our kitchens. My kitchen window sill is like my little plant nursery – it’s where my babies or poorly plants live – it’s a spot that gets plenty of light, and it’s right behind the sink so when I’m washing up everyday it means I cast my eye over these little friends to check how they’re doing. Unfortunately my window sill isn’t that photogenic, so I moved a selection of these babies onto my kitchen table to take some… View Post

This month’s #urbanjunglebloggers challenge from Igor and Judith was about grouping plants together to celebrate their diversity – combining sizes, shapes, colours and textures. I decided that the String shelving system in my office was the perfect spot to show off my gang. I love seeing them all gathered like this – herbs, succulents, spider plants, money plants and my pilea, which is my oldest houseplant. There are some missing from the gang here that were too big to fit onto the shelves, and grouping them has made me realise that I really want to add some trailing plants to… View Post

Materials: Glass jars Enamel paint (I used Plasti-kote’s Fast Dry Enamel Brush On in Jade, Sky Blue and Lavender) Sponge (I used a kitchen sponge) Small pebbles Potting soil Mini succulents Directions: 1. Clean and dry the jars. Pour a little enamel paint out into a dish, and dab with the sponge (you don’t want to overload the sponge). 2. Pat the sponge gently onto the bottom of the jar, going over the area at the bottom until the jar is totally covered, but leaving a lighter covering at the top for a graduated look. Leave the dry and repeat… View Post