Easy autumn craft for the weekend


The twins came back with these autumn trees from preschool this week, and I immediately thought what a brilliantly easy craft activity they would make, so I’ll be doing these with the kids at toddler group on Monday. They’re a great craft project for a rainy weekend, as the mess is minimal and they won’t take too long so little ones can see them through from start to finish, rather than losing interest halfway through.

Materials needed:
Toilet roll (you can use a whole one or cut it in half for a shorter tree)
A4 sheet of card (green or brown works best)
Tissue paper in autumnal colours – red, yellow and orange (or use pieces of old plastic carrier bags)
Glue stick

1. Cut out the shape of the top of a tree from the card either freehand or by drawing on the shape first with pencil.
2. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces and then roll them into little balls.
3. Glue the tissue paper balls onto the tree using a glue stick (as you can see Ez favours a strict, linear approach whereas Fonz has gone for a freer look).
5. Using scissors, cut a slit around 1cm long on opposite sides of the end of the toilet roll.
6. Slot the card tree shapes into the slits.

I think a mini forest of trees look great grouped together as a seasonal table centrepiece, on a shelf or on a window ledge. We’ll definitely be adding a few more trees to our little forest this weekend.


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