How to use blue in the bedroom

Like gazing up at a clear blue sky, decorating with blue in the bedroom can create that same sense of calm and reflection. Although blue can be accused of feeling cold, its a favourite colour for bedrooms because of its soothing properties. Our bedroom (above) was previously all white, and I think it felt a lot colder than it does with a rich coat of Mako by Nature Paint across one feature wall behind the bed. This invigorating shade of blue has added a sense of freshness, but its yellow undertones ensures it’s still warm and inviting. Plus I really love the paint’s chalky, matt finish.

Blue in the bedroom is a classic but versatile choice – with so many different shades to choose from you’re free to create any mood or look, from a dreamy, ethereal space, to one with a classic coastal vibe, to a room full of intensity and drama. Whether you’re up for completely changing your bedroom scheme with a new paint job, you want a quick update with some new bed linen (or even dip-dying your old white bed linen in bold blue for an on-trend finish), or your makeover consists of a couple of blue cushions on the bed, there are so many ways to use blue in your bedroom.

  • Darker shades such as dark denim or cobalt create a mellower mood – more like staring into the deep sea – lift these dark blues with crisp white or pale grey
  • Add simple stripes of blue to an all-white scheme for a timeless, coastal feel. Try blue-striped bed linen against a pure white backdrop
  • Muted, blue-grey blues give a sophisticated look – pair these with a punchy accent colour such as mustard yellow or neon pink for a contemporary space. A bright headboard against a blue wall will really stand out
  • Combine bright blues with the turquoises of exotic beaches for a layered effect that’s vibrant and has a feel-good vibe
  • Take a tip from the beautiful white and blue exteriors of Greek houses, and use strong, sky blue as an accent shade on your bedroom’s skirting boards, window frames and doors for a Mediterranean-inspired space

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  1. September 20, 2014 / 11:39 am

    I’ve always hated the blue color but the way you put on this article, I may have changed my idea.

    As a home decorator, please allow me to still some of these ideas haha LOL.

    Keep up the good work

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