{Review} Handheld vacuum cleaner

I have no more excuses.

Not only do I now own a handheld vacuum cleaner, but buoyed by the vacuuming enthusiasm this unearthed in me, my husband got online and bought me a cylinder vacuum cleaner that ACTUALLY WORKS. I know, imagine that. A vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt. One that, once I’ve done battle with a carpet, I don’t have to crawl around on my hands and knees picking up clumps of cat hair and dust. What a truly revolutionary idea. I never thought I’d shed a happy tear over a brand new vacuum cleaner but I did.

Anyway, the first arrival to change my cleaning habits was a Black&Decker handheld vac from the range of appliances for your home at Appliances Direct. If you have kids and you don’t own one of these (or am I the only person not grown up enough to have had one forever?) you’re missing out, believe me.

These are the top ten things I’ve used my handheld vac to clean…

1. Down the back of the sofa cushions. I made the mistake of sliding my hand down there one evening while watching Great British Bake Off, and rather than ignore it (as I would usually do) I grabbed the vac from its dock and sucked up the disgustingness. I felt like a domestic goddess. In fact, I came very close to boasting about my cleanliness on Twitter.

2. The tabletop after the kids’ dinner. Of course it’s by design that I don’t get round to clearing up after dinner until after the kids are in bed and the food left on the table is all dry and crusty. And you know what? That makes it even easier to hoover up. Win.

3. Ditto the kids’ Stokke Tripp trapps.

4. The children after they’ve finished breakfast/lunch/dinner before they run crumbs and clumps of couscous throughout the rest of the house.

5. The floor under the table when an entire cup of squash went flying. Because THIS VAC SUCKS UP LIQUID SPILLS TOO! Incredible.

6. The inside of my handbag. There’s a direct correlation between the state of my handbag and how busy I am at work. Anyone will small children will understand the detritus that accumulates in the bottom of your handbag – biscuit crumbs, dried up raisins, half-sucked sweets.

7. The bottoms of my kitchen cupboards and drawers. I’ve been so inspired by my new household appliances I’ve even sorted the kitchen cupboards, reorganising them as I go. It’s like I’ve caught some kind of cleaning bug. Or maybe just developed some standards.

8. My husband’s beard clippings.  When he uses his beard trimmer, the little hairs gather on the inside edge of my bathroom mirror. It’s not a pleasant sight and I take great pleasure in zapping them with the vac.

9. Glitter. Predictably it wasn’t great at that. Glitter is unbeatable.

10. The twins’ car seats. Pretty similar to the bottom of my handbag, only you’re likely to find the passengers snacking on whatever they find tucked into their seats.


Disclaimer: I was provided with the Black&Decker DV4800N handheld vacuum cleaner by Appliances Direct for the purposes of this review, but the contents and views are all my own.


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