Family-living favourites from Ikea’s new PS 2014 collection

Ikea’s new PS 2014 Collection hits stores across the UK today, and with flexibility at the heart of its design, it’s ideal for family living – where the demands on the home are constantly changing as kids grow and develop. Take this balancing bench for example – perfect for hallways for children to sit on while you put shoes on or take them off, or as a seat next to a low table set up for crafting, or pulled out for balancing and playing. And at £40 it’s also really affordable.

Also great for kids is this greenhouse, £25, that can be wall-mounted or popped on a table or shelf. My twins love gardening and I think planting seeds and watching them grow is a real winning activity.

I’m always lusting over vintage school lockers and wishing we could afford them for our home (but I’ve never been lucky enough to come across any that are within our price range). This wardrobe has the industrial feel that I’m after, but is a real bargain at £100.It comes with 160 plastic pixels in black, red, yellow, orange and green so you can make up your own design (or use one the instructions for three ready-made patterns). I can see this wardrobe in our playroom, with fancy dress clothes hung up, and toys and games stored on its shelves.

Anything with hidden storage gets top marks for family living, and this side table, £50, is made up of four stackable trays of varying depths so the trays can be used for storage or for serving.

These are just a few of my highlights from the 51-piece collection, which is full of clever space-saving, multifuctional pieces for flexible and small-space living.

I can feel a family trip to Ikea coming up…


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