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It must have been a stressful week when the email popped into my inbox asking me if I’d like to work on a little “pimp your cushion” project using these fab alphabet patches from Jennie Maizels, because my thoughts immediately turned to gin! I’m betting that this message will be very apt in the run up to Christmas. I plan to use it to place my drinks order and I’ll hold it up and wave it at my husband when my glass needs refilling.

Jenny Maizels clothes plasters | Growing Spaces
The patches (£1.99 each) are super easy to apply. All you have to do is iron them on – mine took a bit more time than the 10-15 seconds that the instructions suggested, but they are firmly in place now. If they come loose, you can either iron them a bit more, or add a couple of stitches to secure them. They’re brilliant for personalising plain clothes (or even to pimp up canvas plimsolls), or to patch up holes. I’d love to use them on school trousers, but I’m not sure they’d pass as regulation uniform unfortunately!

Clothes plasters by Jenny Maizels | Growing Spaces
As well as the alphabet patches, Jennie has a great range of other designs, including the winged heart I’ve also used on my cushion. They’re bold, bright and fun, and I can think of all sorts of projects that I’d like to use them for. I’ve still got some patches that I’m holding back for a festive craft to be revealed in a couple of weeks, so watch this space…


Disclosure: I was given these clothes plasters free of charge for use in this post




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