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Boots Mini Club | Growing Spaces

Boots Mini Club | Growing Spaces

Boots Mini Club | Growing Spaces

Boots Mini Club | Growing SpacesI don’t get a lot of say when it comes to what the kids wear each day. I may be allowed some input into Fonz’s outfit, but Ez has wanted to choose her own clothes for herself from a very young age (pretty much as soon as she had learnt to say ‘No!’ and would wail it at full volume when presented with my selection), and I’ve got used to it (the summer dress she insisted on wearing every single day for about four months, until she finally couldn’t fit it over her head anymore will forever stick in my memory). I do sometimes make a lastminute tweak if she’s wearing a pattern or colour combo that I know I won’t be able to cope with seeing for the whole day, but beyond that, I tend to leave her to it.

So I struck lucky when I chose the twins an outfit each from the new Mini Club collection at Boots. I knew Fonz was partial to bright trousers and a shirt so that was fairly straightforward –  he fell instantly in love with the Bows and Arrows shirt (£13) and red trousers (£12). The extra pockets on the trousers have been a big hit and I have to remember to empty these before I pop them in the wash, as they tend to be filled with treasures he’s found while we’ve been out and about.

For Ez, I was drawn to the Bows and Arrows yellow trousers (£12) because yellow is her favourite colour (at the moment). They’re actually from the Mini Club boys’ range – I think much of the new Mini Club collection could be labelled unisex rather than separated by gender to be honest, and the long-sleeved top (£8) she’s wearing is officially from the boys’ range, too. The trousers are really sturdy (I find hard-wearing, practical trousers surprisingly lacking from girls’ collections) – perfect for an outdoors-loving, active child like mine. Her excitement when she saw the yellow trousers was a firm endorsement (and a relief – reviewing clothes that she refused to put on would have been tricky).

I’ve got to be honest and admit that I’ve not thought to buy kids’ clothes from Boots before, but I definitely will from now on. I think the clothes are well-made, good value and they come in a great range of bright, fun colours, which always gets a thumbs up from us.


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Boots, but the views expressed are my own



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