The wanderlust has got me..

My wanderlust is knawing away at me at the minute – that familiar restless feeling. This time last year the twins and I were in NZ for a trip that was awesome and ultimately totally empowering for me. I gained a confidence that I didn’t know I possessed. Taken out of my comfort zone I discovered I surprised myself with my resilience and strength. And then we were wowed by the scenery and the sudden warmth of the sun in the middle of the British winter was more than a little welcome! That for me is what travelling is all about. Pushing your boundaries, widening your experience, learning and discovering new things about yourself and the world around you.

After the shock of the return to the UK, we had our European road trip to look forward to, and we immersed ourselves in the planning and anticipation – and then our five weeks away more than met our expectations. It really was incredible.

This year is different. No trip to New Zealand – instead we bade my parents farewell as they headed out there to visit my brother, and we can only experience the gorgeous sunshine on a laptop screen on Skype rather than in real life. There will be no extended trip across Europe this summer. Our holiday this year will be UK-based, and whilst I know we’ll have a brilliant time (and I try to appreciate how lucky we are to be able to have a holiday fullstop), I can’t stop myself from daydreaming about the places I really wish we were journeying to.

But until we can fulfill those dreams, at least I have the memories of last year’s adventures to fall back on… Lake Wakatipu | Growing Spaces

Wanderlust | Growing Spaces

TSS Earnslaw | Growing Spaces

Doubtful Sound | Growing Spaces

Glenorchy | Growing Spaces

Family | Growing Spaces

Bouldering | Growing Spaces


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