DIY black and white painted pillowcases


DIY black and white pillowcases - a selection of the best | Growing Spaces (image via Go Forth)1. Project via Go Forth

I almost got rid of a load of plain white pillowcases in my recent decluttering drive, but instead I bought myself some black fabric paint, with a printing project in the back of mind. Then the pillowcases and the paint got put aside and have been cluttering up my craft cupboard ever since. In the hope of kick-starting my crafting mojo again, here are a few DIY pillowcase crafts that inspire me. Now where did I put that paint again…

My favourite DIY black and white pillowcases | Growing Spaces (image via Sinnen Rausch)2. Project via Sinnen Rausch

The best DIY black and white painted pillowcases | Growing Spaces (image via wimke)3. Project via Wimke

A round up of black and white painted pillowcases | Growing Spaces (image via Butik Sofie)4. Project via Butik Sofie

Black and white pillowcase craft inspiration | Growing Spaces (image via hello lidy)5. Project via hello lidy

The best of black and white DIY pillowcases | Growing Spaces (image via heidiandcoco)Project via Heidi x Coco

1. Striking geometric design that is simple yet really effective.
2. Made by dripping ink onto the fabric – I wonder if fabric dye would work in the same way? I’m a messy worker so this is right up my street!
3. Very simple cross design made with an eraser – the symmetry and repetition really appeals.
4. A great way to celebrate the beauty of autumn leaves – paint on the ink/dye and press onto the fabric.
5. The sponge stamp leaves a wonderful pattern on the fabric, giving a different look to classic triangles
6. A kid-friendly potato printing craft – I think the twins would love this.


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  1. July 25, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Love this idea so simple and you can make something truly unique! Right where are the old potatoes…

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