A gingerbread house decorated by 6-year-olds

Ikea gingerbread house | Growing SpacesMy 6yo daughter Ez was insistent that I share the pictures of our gingerbread house here on the blog. Making one has become an annual tradition, and it’s one of the advent calendar activities that the twins really look forward to. We cheat and get our house from Ikea, so all we have to do is assemble and decorate it. Last year we discovered Sarah from Taming Twins’ absolutely brilliant ‘how to decorate your Ikea gingerbread house‘ video tutorial and following that makes life so much easier.

This year, I assembled the house, and then the twins were in charge of decoration. We went on a sweet-gathering mission to the supermarket, and then I left them to it. They created little scenes and stories as they were decorating – things to look out for include the jelly baby doing a headstand, some jelly babies playing ‘paper, scissors, stone’ a string of fairy lights, the dizzy jelly baby and patches of mud on the slightly snowy grass…

Ikea gingerbread house decorated by 6-year-olds | Growing Spaces

Jelly baby doing a headstand | Growing Spaces

Ikea gingerbread house | Growing Spaces

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