Memories of Glenorchy, New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu, south Island, New Zealand | Growing Spaces

This is where I was on this day, exactly two years ago. The day after my brother’s wedding in Queenstown, New Zealand,  I drove along the edge of Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy, on the lake’s northern end. The colours were so rich, so saturated, so overwhelming that it was almost too much to cope with with my hangover from the previous day’s festivities, but the kids lapped up the sense of space and freedom. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves, and I sat back in the sun while they ferried pebbles from one spot to another, and waded in the clear, still water. On the walk back to the car we discovered a patch of thicky, gooey mud and had a wonderful time leaping into it – the sticky mud covering our feet and legs. The twins were in their underwear at this point (I’d failed to pack swim gear), so I won’t share pictures but I can remember the peals of laughter, and the feel of the warm mud oozing between my toes. It was a day towards the end of the most incredible trip – one I dream constantly about repeating soon.

Glenorchy | Growing Spaces

Glenorchy mud | Growing Spaces

Glenorchy water | Growing Spaces

Glenorchy scenery | Growing Spaces

Lake Wakatipu | Growing Spaces

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