A better night’s sleep with a Leesa mattress

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

I felt like a proper grown-up when Ben and I bought our first decent mattress together over a decade ago – going into the store, trying to find the perfect firmness, having it delivered. Fast forward 11 years, and that mattress wasn’t quite as perfect anymore. I could feel the springs, and we were both starting to wake up feeling achey rather than well-rested. Even before having kids, my sleep was important to me, and I love my bed – I need a good eight hours a night or I am an emotional wreck. Then we had the twins, and a good night’s sleep because even more precious – there’s nothing like young children to make you value your sleep. So when we were offered the chance to replace our old mattress with a Leesa luxury mattress, we jumped at the chance – especially as we could do it all from home, with no time-consuming visit to a showroom required.

What’s totally different about the Leesa mattress is that it has a ‘universal’ feel rather than the traditional soft, medium and firm feel offered by mattresses. A ‘one mattress suits all’ approach? I’ll admit I was skeptical, as it goes against all the mattress-buying advice I’ve ever known. And the second big difference? I couldn’t believe it when the mattress was delivered IN A BOX. One delivery guy, one regular-size van and a king-size mattress in a box (albeit a very heavy box). When it arrived, all we had to do was take it up to the bed, slide it out of the box (it’s all compressed and rolled up at this point), remove the wrapping and watch it unfurl itself.  In a couple of hours the mattress recovers its full thickness and firmness and is ready to sleep on. It was like a magic trick!

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

So, the hundred dollar question. Is it comfortable? Absolutely. I have never slept on a memory foam mattress before, but I was a convert after just one night. The Leesa feels really supportive and there’s a 5cm top layer of foam that’s designed to allow constant air flow throughout the night for a cooler night’s sleep, so it didn’t feel too hot, as I was worried memory foam might. It’s hypo-allergenic which is another bonus, as hopefully it’ll help to reduce Ben’s snoring (I can only hope).

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

The secret to a good night's sleep | Growing Spaces

I’ll admit I was really nervous about switching our mattress, and the relief that I haven’t made a huge mistake is immense to say the least. We are both really happy with how it feels, but even if we weren’t,  Leesa offers a 100-night free trial, allowing you to return the mattress and receive a refund if you don’t like it. So you’re not taking nearly as big a gamble as you think by buying a mattress online without having tried it out first. Not that I’ll be returning mine, but if I was, any mattresses returned to Leesa are donated to charity.

Is it time you upgraded your mattress? If you reckon a good night’s sleep is worth the investment (and I absolutely do), the lovely guys at Leesa are offering you £50 off any mattress order. Just click here to head over to the website to order yours.

Now I’m off for a snooze, as my bed is calling me…


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Leesa, but as always my views are totally my own


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  1. July 8, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    I suddenly feel like a lie down 😉 It looks super comfy, and you’re right it’s so important to have a good mattress.

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