Easy no-sew frog costume: Just So Festival 2017

Why not make a fun and super-easy frog costume to go with my frog face paint idea for the Just So Festival Tribal Tournament? Here’s creative genius Victoria to show you how…

Easy no-sew frog costume | Just So Festival 2017

The amphibians of Just So seem to always be the underdogs but who wouldn’t want to go green for a festival! Be the eccentric Toad of Toad Hall or one year we witnessed a frog member in a full body green lycra suit with only pin holes for eyes. Hopping mad if you ask us!

To make these fun google eye frog eyes and matching web hands you will need:

Head band
Some green felt
A pair of socks or fingerless gloves
Two balls – polystyrene craft balls or ping pong/ hollow sports balls (they need to be lightweight)
Two green balloons
Two circles of white fabric
Two circles of black fabric


  1. Firstly make the googly eyes by stretching the balloons over the craft balls. This is easier said than done as I had big balls! Think of it like trying to put a latex swimming hat on a wriggling child – good stretch and a bit of force! I ended up snipping the very end off.

  2. Pulling the end of the balloon, stick this onto the head band by wrapping and gluing it around. If it looks very messy, you could conceal it with a bit of green felt glued over the top like sockets.

  3. Next glue two white circles as pupils and two smaller black circles on top to complete the eyes.

  4. If you want webbed hands, draw a simple web shape. You can use your hand as a template but adding circular tops for the webbed effect. Cut out the green felt.

  5. Glue these onto to top of the fingerless gloves or a pair of socks that’s had the toe section cut off.

The more cartoon-like the better with this one. You could also attach the green googly eyes to a green baseball cap – the peak makes a good resting place to balance your balls on!

Easy no-sew frog costume | Just So Festival 2017

Tomorrow is the end of our our Just So extravaganza, where we’ll have inspiration for the newest tribe on the block – the bees!


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