Simple tissue paper bag DIY advent calendar


Usually I’m to be found on the night of the 30 November desperately pulling together our DIY advent calendar. I had a couple of days off work last week – the kids were at school, I had no grand plans, I was just in need of some down time – and so I made us a new advent calendar for this year.

I’m not going to write lots of instructions because it’s a really simple make. I cut 15cm (ish) squares out of white tissue paper. I planned out our daily advent activities (based on these from a few years ago, with a few tweaks and additions), printed them off and folded each one  before popping them in the centre of a square, gathering up the corners to make a bag, and tying with string.

The number stickers were an Amazon purchase (I was going to write them myself but spotted these online and opted for the easy option). The coat hanger is one I’ve had for ages and I just gathered some moss on a dog walk, wrapped it around with florist wire, and then finished with some wire string LED lights. I tied the advent bags to the hanger and it was done.

I’d originally planned to tie the bags to the branch that hangs above our kitchen table, but I wanted to be able to move the calendar to take with us when we go away, so I’ve just hooked the hanger over the branch. It’s got the thumbs up from the twins (now nine years old), and we’re counting down the days until we can open the first bag. Negotiations about who gets to go first have been undertaken and a peaceful agreement has been agreed!












Here’s a round up of some of my previous advent calendars..

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