As soon as I finish a post featuring my latest kraft paper gift wrap ideas, I’m immediately thinking about wrapping ideas for the next one. And with last year’s festive installment of fun gift wrap ideas going bonkers on Pinterest right now, it’s clear that finding a creative way to wrap presents when all you have in the house is brown kraft paper and a black marker pen is something lots of us have had to do at some point. For all five of the gift wrap ideas in this post, all you need is brown kraft paper and a black pen (and… View Post

‘How many days ’til Christmas?’ is a question I am asked by the twins about a million times a day at the moment. I downloaded a Christmas countdown app, but then an idea for a quick and easy DIY flip Christmas countdown popped into my head so I put one together the other afternoon. Now we have a flip countdown of sleeps until Christmas, hanging up for the twins to see and change themselves each day. It’s so simple to make and I mostly used materials I already had at home – the only thing I had to buy were the hinged… View Post

Clockwise from left: Why Don’t You Make Me; honeylemonuk; Francois Et Moi; awholelottelove There were some awesome projects shared for our #CreateMakeShare theme of ‘BLOOM’ – the above all made me smile, and I love their light and bright feel. Do check out my fellow #CreateMakeShare hosters, Anthea from Zing Zing Tree and Emma from Kids Craft Room for their ‘Bloom’ favourites. I’m really excited to annouce that June’s #CreateMakeShare theme is: UPCYCLE. If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of finding new uses for old objects and I can’t wait to see what… View Post

This weekend I plan to be indulging in my latest obsession: knitting. I’ve just finished a manically busy few weeks of work. The adrenaline that’s been getting me through each day has suddently stopped flowing, and intense exhaustion – mental and physical – has hit. I’m not great at sitting still and taking things easy, but my body really isn’t giving me much of a choice. Which is where knitting comes in. I can crochet (ish), but I haven’t given knitting a proper go since I was about ten years old. Then, last month, my mother-in-law gave a birthday gift… View Post

Images (clockwise from top left): Emily Quinton, Gooseberry Fool, FrenchMango_Creations, Fireflies and Mudpies It’s been another inspiring month for the Create Make Share linky, hosted by myself together with Anthea from Zing Zing Tree and Emma from Kids Craft Room. The ‘green’ theme felt so fresh and uplifting – I’ve picked my favourite crafting moments. These were bright and refreshing, but also had a wonderful sense of quiet about them – Emily’s homemade garland hanging above those gorgeous bulbs, Rachel’s moment of mindfulness while catching up on some crochet, Peggy’s cute little embroidery piece for her new creative venture and… View Post