I have no idea how I managed to squeeze in doing these Christmas decoration Ikea hacks this week – work has been properly crazy – but I’d had the ideas in my head for so long, that I couldn’t bear the thought that I wouldn’t have time to actually share them. And so I had some much-needed crafting time-out earlier this week to turn a few bits and bobs I picked up in Ikea into Christmas tree and table decorations. DIY mini table crackers made from a SÄLLSKAP placemat, £1 Take a toilet roll and cut all the way down it… View Post

Last Christmas I loved our DIY copper advent calendar that I’d made the previous year so much I decided I didn’t need a new one. But this week I got the craft itch, and I felt a little festive, so I’ve made this contemporary advent calendar out of a cheap hanging organiser I got a while back from Ikea. An Ikea hack and a homemade advent calendar in one hit.. not bad, eh? Making the calendar also prompted me to plan out our advent activities for December. It’s become a family tradition for our advent calendar to contain a little festive activity every day of advent rather than a sweet,… View Post

All you need to make these spooky Halloween candles is a pack of Hemsjo candles from Ikea (or similar) – £1.50 for four – and a black Sharpie. Have fun drawing your ghostly faces straight onto the candle – these were mine, but this would be a great no-mess craft for kids to have a go at (as long as they’re old enough to be trusted with a permanent marker!).

  I realised the other day that although I’d shared my handy Ikea plant pot hack on my YouTube channel, I hadn’t actually blogged about it, so I’m making up for that now with a quick tutorial. This is such an easy hack – I used cheap and cheerful Kardemumma pots from Ikea which even have horizontal lines on them already, making it even more of a piece of cake. All you need are ceramic planters and a black medium Sharpie (or marker pen) – and that’s it! Using the Sharpie, draw a scalloped edge under the top edge of… View Post

I realised recently that I’ve never actually got round to properly sharing Ez’s bedroom makeover from last year. I showed you her brother’s indoor climbing wall and flip-down desk, and I did a video about the plywood Ikea-hack in Ez’s room, but never followed it up with a proper post. And she absolutely loves her room, so it seems only fair to share it here. I have a thing for plywood in kids’ rooms, so when we moved the twins into their own bedrooms last Christmas, I wanted to make it a feature of their new spaces. I love the… View Post