I’m a big fan of decorating with neutrals, but I make an exception when it comes to the kids’ bedrooms, where we’ve taken a more colourful approach. When these were decorated a couple of years ago, we used bright colours that the twins chose themselves (yellow for Ez, and a vivid green for Fonz) – these feel fun, fresh and full of energy. When it comes to kids’ rooms, one super-easy way to add colour that can be changed very easily is with bed linen. The bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, and so it’s… View Post

The twins spotted these funky Halloween wall murals over my shoulder when I was on my laptop and thought they were super cool, so I couldn’t resist sharing them with you too. Created by Murals Wallpaper, these graphic spooky designs are a great way to create an eerie but stylish look for Halloween. In fact, I actually like the designs and colours so much I reckon they’d be great for kids’ bedrooms year round, but if you wanted them up just for your Halloween celebrations, then there’s self-adhesive paper available, so you can easily remove the paper once fright night is over.… View Post

I realised recently that I’ve never actually got round to properly sharing Ez’s bedroom makeover from last year. I showed you her brother’s indoor climbing wall and flip-down desk, and I did a video about the plywood Ikea-hack in Ez’s room, but never followed it up with a proper post. And she absolutely loves her room, so it seems only fair to share it here. I have a thing for plywood in kids’ rooms, so when we moved the twins into their own bedrooms last Christmas, I wanted to make it a feature of their new spaces. I love the… View Post

Up until now the twins have shared a bedroom. They’ve been more than happy with this arrangement, but now they’ve started school (in separate classes) and we’ve been encouraging their independence more we decided that the time felt right to give them their own rooms. Ez was thrilled with the idea, but Fonz wasn’t so keen, so I knew we’d have to come up with something special to win him over. I had gymnastic rings in my bedroom as a child and my brother had a trapeze, and I wanted to come up with something similar. I’ve had a thing… View Post

Thanks for the great response to the first in my series on gender-neutral kids’ rooms last week (kicking off with the easily gender-neutral colour green). After a chat on Twitter, I decided to take up the challenge to prove that pink isn’t just for girls’ bedrooms. I’m usually anti-pink (not because I don’t like it as a colour but because of the gender-based marketing that uses pink to tell girls what they should and shouldn’t be playing with) but the rooms over on Daily Decorum this week not only showed that pink can be chic, but also that it doesn’t necessarily… View Post