1. Project via Go Forth I almost got rid of a load of plain white pillowcases in my recent decluttering drive, but instead I bought myself some black fabric paint, with a printing project in the back of mind. Then the pillowcases and the paint got put aside and have been cluttering up my craft cupboard ever since. In the hope of kick-starting my crafting mojo again, here are a few DIY pillowcase crafts that inspire me. Now where did I put that paint again… 2. Project via Sinnen Rausch 3. Project via Wimke 4. Project via Butik Sofie… View Post

One of the things that I like least about our 1970s house is its lack of floorboards. I love stripped or painted floorboards and the texture and interest that they add to a space and I miss the floorboards that we had throughout our last home (a Victorian terrace). What’s on your floors has such a big impact on your space because it covers such a large percentage of the room, so replacing the original 1970s carpets in the new house was one of the first jobs on our list – we went for a pretty boring neutral carpet upstairs,… View Post