One thing I’ve wanted from the moment we bought Algie the campervan is one of those tacky floral garland lei things that campervan owners hang from their rear view mirrors. Except that when Algie arrived, he didn’t even have a rear view mirror (because he didn’t have rear windows at that point), so there was nowhere to hang one anyway! And then the van had rear windows and a rear view mirror, but Ben dropped the bombshell that he didn’t want a lei hanging in the van. Some weeks later I have made an executive decision that his aversion to a… View Post

Gosh it feels like a while since I got my craft on. Seems that heading back to almost-full-time work takes a toll on the craft mojo, or maybe it’s just that I need to make more effort to carve out some time. I feel like I have lots of projects sort of on the go, but rarely actually get to finish anything, let alone get it photographed to share here. Anyway, this DIY jewellery stand (or jewellery tree?) is something I started way back at the start of the year, but had to shelve when I couldn’t get the individual… View Post

I’ve had a few unusual work commissions in the last few weeks, and making ten festive headbands for B&Q out of B&Q Christmas decorations was definitely one of them! The finished headbands were sent out to journalists as part of B&Q’s #XmasHumans campaign. We also filmed a tutorial (see below) so that you can make one yourself if you fancy an alternative to wear during Christmas lunch, rather than the classic paper crown that comes out of a cracker! Want to look your #festive best, subtle #xmashumans style? Try this #DIY festive head band! Here’s one by @HeatherYoungUk — B&Q (@BandQ) December 16, 2016

I’m so darn chuffed to be nominated for Best DIY/Craft Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year, and if you haven’t voted yet, don’t panic (!), you’ve got until Sept 9 to place your vote to hopefully win me a place on the shortlist. Making things – from quick craft projects to full-on DIY endeavours – is something I’ve always loved to do, and they’re the things I most enjoy sharing here on my blog. I went back through my archives to look at all my DIY and craft posts, and thought it would be good to put… View Post

I’ve been wanting to fix up our tattered sofa upholstery for ages – it’d been shredded on the arms by our cats scratching it and looked really terrible. Luckily the damage was to the surface of the fabric and hadn’t gone all the way through, so I decided to try to patch it as the sofa is otherwise in reasonable nick and definitely doesn’t need replacing yet. I spotted an idea on Pinterest (where else?!) that I thought I’d could put my own twist on, and it ended up turning out way better than I expected, so I wanted to… View Post