Your children will be more excited about seeing the builders every morning than seeing you. You will gain about half a stone through eating convenience foods and takeaways. Your standards of ‘clean’ will reduce dramatically, although you will experience manic ‘I must clean up’ moments despite knowing another layer of dust will quickly replace the last one. You will become expert in the supply of hot beverages, even when a lack of electricity means the kettle doesn’t work. You will become immensely interested in details that previously you would never have noticed. Examples include the perfect finish of a skimmed… View Post

Where am I right now? At my desk, writing the three homes features I have outstanding? Meticulously leafing through my collection of interiors magazines to find ideas to use in the new space downstairs? Painting the acres of new plaster and old magnolia walls that need their first coat of white paint urgently? Manically shoving loads of washing into the old washing machine in case it gets disconnected tomorrow morning? Or am I hiding in my bedroom? Under the duvet no less, too terrified of the state of my ground floor to brave a trip down the stairs? Lots of… View Post