We have been yearning after a wood burner (wood burning stove, log burner, whatever you want to call it) for years. One thing we really miss in our 1970s house is that there aren’t any fireplaces whatsoever (a big change coming from period properties) and we’ve always thought that a wood burner would provide our living space with the perfect focal point, as well as being something to cosy up around when it’s cold out. But because we don’t have any chimneys, having a wood burner installed isn’t as straightforward as it might be, and after a couple of super-scary… View Post

The area between the living and dining zones in our open-plan ground floor space has been through so many different uses as the twins grow and their needs change. Until a month or so ago, our old dining table lived there. We called it the craft table, but in reality it was a dumping spot and just attracted piles of clutter and paperwork (as evidenced by the cringe-inducing before shot above). I decided that it was time for the craft table to go – this would open up the space and help us in our constant battle against clutter, but I… View Post

I’m a big fan of decorating with neutrals, but I make an exception when it comes to the kids’ bedrooms, where we’ve taken a more colourful approach. When these were decorated a couple of years ago, we used bright colours that the twins chose themselves (yellow for Ez, and a vivid green for Fonz) – these feel fun, fresh and full of energy. When it comes to kids’ rooms, one super-easy way to add colour that can be changed very easily is with bed linen. The bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, and so it’s… View Post

Scandi sheepskin from Shepherd of Sweden I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how my drive to refresh our home means that DIY and home improvement has been on my mind, but a freshen up and new look isn’t only about tackling those practical projects. For me it also involves looking at the objects we have around our home with fresh eyes, and assessing how these fit with the style I’m trying to achieve. I imagine it’s the same if you own a shop/gift/home business when you’re on the lookout for inspiration to ring the changes for the coming season. Which is where… View Post

Ben and I had a rare evening out together on Saturday when we enjoyed a meal at Thai hotspot Giggling Squid – newly opened in Wokingham. The restaurant has been completely transformed from its previous dark and cavernous incarnation – the atmosphere is cosy but airy, and the place has a buzz about it that makes you feel instantly at home. I love picking up interior inspiration from spaces such as bars, restaurants and shops, and Giggling Squid has plenty to offer in the way of ideas. I was lucky enough to have some time to chat to Giggling Squid’s owner Pranee before Christmas… View Post