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Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

I’ve loved Iittala’s tableware, cookware and accessories since I first started working in interiors, and I’m still just as smitten 15 years later. I think it’s the clean, simple shapes that appeal, as well as the beautiful glass colours – I’ve got a collection of Mariskooli bowls that I’ve collected over the years. So when an email popped into my inbox challenging me to use some of Iittala’s new ranges to come up with a creative table setting, there was no way I was going to turn it down!

We believe there are no set rules for setting a table.
You make the rules.
Sometimes you even bend them to set the mood.

We encourage you to clear the table.
To mix old with new.
To rethink routine and ritual.
To be curious and playful.
Reset your table with Iittala and redefine dining.


Until recently, we (Ben and I) had got really bad at making the time to sit down and eat together. Meals were carried through to the living room and eaten off our laps while we watched something on Netflix. But a couple of months ago we shook up our evening mealtimes – we’ve been trying lots of new dishes, and now we always sit at the table to eat. I really enjoy it – even if it’s a quick meal, it gives us the chance to catch up, chat about our day, discuss things that are coming up. It helps me unwind, and it’s become a time of the day that I really look forward to, even if I’m exhausted after walking in after a long day’s commute to London.

I think that the blues of the Iittala collections caught my eye because we’re treating ourselves to a Greek island getaway this summer, and so that classic Greek combination of crisp white and vivid blues is never far from my mind (I can’t tell you how badly I need a holiday). This is why I’ve given my tabletop a pared-back Greek-inspired look, with an antique white tablecloth that used to belong to my grandparents (and possibly my great-grandparents before them), and a pick ‘n’ mix selection from Iittala, including the Teema tableware in pale blue and dotted blue, and some Kastehelmi glassware in ultramarine blue. I think it feels fresh and full of promise for long summer days – bring on the sunshine and meals eaten al fresco.

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Iittala table reset | Growing Spaces

Teema mugs in  light blue; Teema 17cm plates in light blue and dotted blue; Teema 15cm bowls in light blue and dotted blue; Kastehelmi tumblers in ultramarine blue; Kastehelmi votive in ultramarine blue; Issey Miyake cream platter; Issey Miyake cream candleholder; Scandia cutlery; all Iittala.


Disclosure: Iittala provided the product for use in this post free of charge.



  1. August 8, 2017 / 12:31 am

    The use of the translucent tumblers is wonderful here. Whilst they do run the risk of appearing a little plasticky in an environment of authentic ceramics and metals, the presentation here lets in light, and allows the tumblers and candle holders to shine and attract the eye. Their little bobbles add such texture to the spread!

  2. August 16, 2017 / 7:00 am

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