I won’t be doing much cleaning over the bank holiday weekend *smug face*. Wanna know why? Because I’ve finally found something that’s helped me to keep on top of the endless housework that comes hand-in-hand with a busy family home with two young kids, a mud-loving puppy and a constantly-moulting cat. I’ve got to be honest, when the iRobot Roomba 966 – an all-singing, all-dancing robot vacuum cleaner – first arrived, I was cynical. It comes with a hefty price tag (retails at around £800), so it needed to be something pretty special to convince me it would make a… View Post

Want to learn how to cheat at tidying up? Left it all to the last minute? Got guests coming over Christmas and want your home to look as good as the ones you see in beautiful home magazines? The tidiness you see on magazine pages is all an illusion, believe me. Here’s what our old house looked like a couple of hours before we shot it for Style At Home magazine back in April… As a stylist on a photo shoot, I only tidy and clean where the camera sees, so everywhere else is generally pretty chaotic. And you can… View Post