This year was our fifth adventure with Just So. Half of me can’t fathom how quickly those years have flown by, the other half can’t imagine a year without the Just So Festival knitted into the fabric of our family life. Five years in, I know my way around, I recognise the same volunteers, the same festival goers, the same costumes. We’ve got our festival rhythm down pat, but that feeling of magic, of being swept up in a glorious weekend of pure joy, has never faded. I still have those skin-tingling moments when you suddenly look around you and… View Post

Today I’m handing over to my lovely friend Victoria (follow her on IG @justordinaryfolk, and she’ll hopefully have an awesome new blog up and running in the new year), because I know she’s full of absolutely brilliant ideas for imaginative gifts for creative kids that will stand the test of time. Victoria has four gorgeous children, ranging in age from eight (nearly) to one, so she knows what works and what doesn’t in terms of keeping kids happy and entertained. She’s also very creative herself, and she finds great ways to engage and encourage her kids’ imaginations. I’m kicking myself for being… View Post

Clockwise from left: Why Don’t You Make Me; honeylemonuk; Francois Et Moi; awholelottelove There were some awesome projects shared for our #CreateMakeShare theme of ‘BLOOM’ – the above all made me smile, and I love their light and bright feel. Do check out my fellow #CreateMakeShare hosters, Anthea from Zing Zing Tree and Emma from Kids Craft Room for their ‘Bloom’ favourites. I’m really excited to annouce that June’s #CreateMakeShare theme is: UPCYCLE. If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of finding new uses for old objects and I can’t wait to see what… View Post

This weekend I plan to be indulging in my latest obsession: knitting. I’ve just finished a manically busy few weeks of work. The adrenaline that’s been getting me through each day has suddently stopped flowing, and intense exhaustion – mental and physical – has hit. I’m not great at sitting still and taking things easy, but my body really isn’t giving me much of a choice. Which is where knitting comes in. I can crochet (ish), but I haven’t given knitting a proper go since I was about ten years old. Then, last month, my mother-in-law gave a birthday gift… View Post

We were sent Hirameki by artists Peng + Hu from Thames & Hudson to review and I could immediately see how it would appeal to the twins, age 6. Hirameki means ‘brainwave’ or ‘flash of inspiration’ in Japanese, and this book is full of pages of splodges and splashes of colour that you’re encouraged to turn into something amazing, just by adding a few lines or dots with a black fineliner. The splashes are arranged into seven sections to help you go from single drawings blot-to-blot scenes! We all know I’m a fan of the adult colouring book, and this… View Post