One thing I’ve wanted from the moment we bought Algie the campervan is one of those tacky floral garland lei things that campervan owners hang from their rear view mirrors. Except that when Algie arrived, he didn’t even have a rear view mirror (because he didn’t have rear windows at that point), so there was nowhere to hang one anyway! And then the van had rear windows and a rear view mirror, but Ben dropped the bombshell that he didn’t want a lei hanging in the van. Some weeks later I have made an executive decision that his aversion to a… View Post

Back in the summer when I did the rounds of Christmas press shows, I saw gypsophila, or baby’s breath, used in frothy excess at the White Company show where it was the star, rather than just a filler. Since then I’ve wanted to try out using it in a garland, and when better than at Christmas? I tied small sprigs of gyp to a length of red velvet ribbon. I thought it needed a bit more festive sparkle, so I added some glue to the ends of the stems, and dipped them in silver glitter. I’ve got these strung up… View Post