Ribbit ribbit! The frog tribe are jumping into our week of Just So Festival tribal tournament face paint and costume ideas today. This energetic tribe is always easy to spot at the festival, with some truly awesome costumes. Using a Snazaroo party pack and a Snazaroo set of brushes, here’s how I created the frog face paint idea, based on the beautiful tribal head for this year’s festival. Instructions: Paint the main area of the face green using a sponge (I mixed my own shade of green using the Snazaroo green and a bit of white, otherwise the green was… View Post

Continuing our week of costume and face paint ideas for the Tribal Tournament at Just So 2017, today it’s the turn of the owl tribe. We were owls in our first year at Just So, way back in 2013, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the feathery flock. Here’s my owl face paint, based on the design of this year’s Tribal heads… Again, I used the Snazaroo party set of face paint, and a Snazaroo set of brushes. Use a sponge to go over most of the face in an orange/brown mix, leaving the eye area. Use a… View Post

It’s about this time of year that we make our tribal announcement for our pilgrimage to the Just So Festival (read all about the Tribal Tournament that includes owls, foxes, stags, lions, fish and frogs), and I’m giving you a mega sneak peek of our costumes. This will be our fourth visit to Just So, and Ez and I have been owls every single time. Until now. Because this year we are all going to be FISH! Well, some kind of fish/mermaid/sea creature/pirate mash up to please all four members of the family. We’re so excited! The great thing about… View Post

Each year, the wonderful Just So Festival finishes with the Tribal Tournament, where the winning tribe (owls, foxes, stags, fish, frogs or lions) is announced amidst a final fantastic knees up. At last year’s festival we were all part of 2013’s winning tribe, the Owls! But this year, changes are afoot and some of us might have jumped ship…. Just So 2014 Tribe Reveal from Heather Young on Vimeo.