Usually I’m to be found on the night of the 30 November desperately pulling together our DIY advent calendar. I had a couple of days off work last week – the kids were at school, I had no grand plans, I was just in need of some down time – and so I made us a new advent calendar for this year. I’m not going to write lots of instructions because it’s a really simple make. I cut 15cm (ish) squares out of white tissue paper. I planned out our daily advent activities (based on these from a few years… View Post

I am now known as ‘poo girl’. An enviable moniker, I’m sure you’ll agree. And the reason for my impressive title? The huge quantity of bags of reindeer poo and  snowman soup that I’ve made to sell at the twins’ school’s winter fair for the last two years. I’m not taking the credit for the original idea – Pinterest came up trumps yet again – but I thought I’d share my take on these festive treats. Not only are they great for selling at a school fair, they also make fantastic stocking fillers, or little gifts for visiting kids over… View Post