This post is all about the holiday I’m enjoying in France right now. My thoughts were focused on packing, full of excitement and anticipation, so I quickly styled up a flat lay to illustrate that. After almost killing myself trying to get all my work and blog posts finished before we went away, I ended up deciding that it would actually be preferable to spend a little bit of time on the laptop while on holiday rather than pulling an all-nighter before we left. Now we’re here, and it’s lovely, and it’s everything I imagined and more. Except that somewhere… View Post

Oh, June. More time spent indoors than expected, getting caught in showers, soggy feet, reaching for a blanket in the evening. So what’s a girl to do, but to attempt to bring a little summer inside with a jug of blooms? I cheered myself up yesterday with a trip to my favourite florist and some Styling the Seasons faffing. I’m not normally drawn to pink, but I think Katy’s kitchen makeover might have swayed me, and I love how it looks next to the black wall. Could this be a new accent shade throughout the house?  I’m definitely tempted. It feels like… View Post