One thing we’ve been wanting to do since we finished our big modern garden makeover at the end of the summer is to make use of the back of the built-in bench which is right next to our back door. We do have a wall planter on the fencing, but I fancied having a couple of herb planters closer to the door, filled with the herbs I use most often when cooking. I’ve used some offcuts of rain guttering for this DIY project, along with a pot of original Gorilla Glue. This super-strong adhesive will bond a whole host of different materials to each… View Post

This month’s #urbanjunglebloggers challenge from Igor and Judith was about grouping plants together to celebrate their diversity – combining sizes, shapes, colours and textures. I decided that the String shelving system in my office was the perfect spot to show off my gang. I love seeing them all gathered like this – herbs, succulents, spider plants, money plants and my pilea, which is my oldest houseplant. There are some missing from the gang here that were too big to fit onto the shelves, and grouping them has made me realise that I really want to add some trailing plants to… View Post

Better late than never with my Urban Jungle Bloggers post for Igor and Judith this month. The theme was ‘My Plant Shelfie’ and I’ve chosen to share the open shelving in our kitchen. We bought these shelves years ago on eBay. They’ve since been used in almost every room in the house but are currently offering us a great storage space on the kitchen wall for all my jars of ingredients. Every so often I toy with the idea of painting them, but I quite like having some natural wood next to the white gloss kitchen and dining table, plus… View Post