I had a treat on Friday when I got to nose around some beautiful houses in south west London, on Livingetc magazine’s house tours, with thanks to sponsors ao.com. Together with a group of other bloggers, we got taken around four of the seven homes, and this lush garden space was one of my favourites of the day. The home (which belongs to fabric and accessories designer Neisha Crosland), is a former stables that has been converted to form a two-storey, L-shaped apartment wrapped around a garden oasis in the heart of London, complete with cobblestones, rustic pots of frothy ferns,… View Post

Saturday showed me how a day surrounded by the most incredible people and the buzz they create when together in one space can carry you through. I was so excited about this year’s Blogtacular (who wouldn’t be given the chance to chat to so many inspiring people all in one day?) but after one of the most awful night’s sleep in a very long time on Friday I was left fearing I wouldn’t last or enjoy the day. How very wrong I was. Who needs sleep when you can take a ride on the energy created by 300 brilliantly-creative bloggers… View Post

Half term is over and the kids are back at school (well, apart from one who’s off sick today), but there’s something that’s just keeping me back from the edge of real life, and that’s the gold-drenched memories of a very special weekend away. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already been inundated with my snapshots from Sisterhood Camp #sisterhoodatloveland, but if you don’t, here are three videos I made over the weekend to whet your appetite before I pull my flyaway thoughts together to write a proper post. They’re only 15 seconds each, so in less than… View Post