I’m a big fan of decorating with neutrals, but I make an exception when it comes to the kids’ bedrooms, where we’ve taken a more colourful approach. When these were decorated a couple of years ago, we used bright colours that the twins chose themselves (yellow for Ez, and a vivid green for Fonz) – these feel fun, fresh and full of energy. When it comes to kids’ rooms, one super-easy way to add colour that can be changed very easily is with bed linen. The bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, and so it’s… View Post

Last week I finally shared some shots of the Ikea hack and DIY desk area in Ez’s bedroom, with a promise that I’d be back this week to show you a bit more of the room, including the yellow feature wall by her bed. As I said, I tried letting the twins come up with themes for their rooms themselves, but it was too hard to find something that both child and parent (me) could live with. Instead we went down the colour scheme route. Ez’s favourite shades are yellow and purple so those are the colours I’ve incorporated into… View Post

I realised recently that I’ve never actually got round to properly sharing Ez’s bedroom makeover from last year. I showed you her brother’s indoor climbing wall and flip-down desk, and I did a video about the plywood Ikea-hack in Ez’s room, but never followed it up with a proper post. And she absolutely loves her room, so it seems only fair to share it here. I have a thing for plywood in kids’ rooms, so when we moved the twins into their own bedrooms last Christmas, I wanted to make it a feature of their new spaces. I love the… View Post

Whether it’s for dressing up clothes in the playroom, or for main clothes storage in a bedroom, I love this simple unit. Using a low rail for clothes means that the kids can get their clothes out themselves (I’m pretty sure this is a good thing, right?) and a handy curtain hides the clothes away so it doesn’t look too untidy. Boxing the rail in creates a shelf on top that provides extra storage. Which is perfect if your toys and accessories are as gorgeous as these. Image: Julien Fernandez