I’m a big fan of decorating with neutrals, but I make an exception when it comes to the kids’ bedrooms, where we’ve taken a more colourful approach. When these were decorated a couple of years ago, we used bright colours that the twins chose themselves (yellow for Ez, and a vivid green for Fonz) – these feel fun, fresh and full of energy. When it comes to kids’ rooms, one super-easy way to add colour that can be changed very easily is with bed linen. The bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture in the room, and so it’s… View Post

Thanks for the great response to the first in my series on gender-neutral kids’ rooms last week (kicking off with the easily gender-neutral colour green). After a chat on Twitter, I decided to take up the challenge to prove that pink isn’t just for girls’ bedrooms. I’m usually anti-pink (not because I don’t like it as a colour but because of the gender-based marketing that uses pink to tell girls what they should and shouldn’t be playing with) but the rooms over on Daily Decorum this week not only showed that pink can be chic, but also that it doesn’t necessarily… View Post

We’ve used plywood plenty of times in projects around our house, but its always been hidden away rather than left on show in its natural state. I keep coming across fantastic home design ideas using plywood in all its glory, and I love the clean and modern look it gives to a space. Plywood – a manufactured wood panel made from layers of wood veneer which is available in a number of different thicknesses – is cheap, easy to work with and offers huge design potential, making it perfect for experimenting with ideas for kids’ rooms (and grown-up spaces, too).… View Post