I’d just finished telling the twins how amazing I thought I was (I make a point of saying regularly that I think I’m beautiful, that I love my smile, that I’m awesome etc etc so I don’t pass any of my hangups about how I look onto the kids). Anyway, that day when I said it, it struck me that I should actually try to make myself really believe it a bit more, rather than just saying it. I think it came off the back of Sara’s post about creative selfies, and Sarah-Lou’s new #FridayFacelessPortrait project, which had got me… View Post

After a slow start to 2016, work picked up very quickly (phew), and has kept me busy ever since. As a couple of the things I’ve been working on had to be kept under wraps I couldn’t really talk about them before, but now they’ve both been published I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to! It’s been really exciting to work on the launch issue of The Craft Network’s Home magazine – a magazine packed full of crafting projects for your home that features a few of my favourite bloggers, including Allison Sadler, Teri Muncey and… View Post