We’ve used plywood plenty of times in projects around our house, but its always been hidden away rather than left on show in its natural state. I keep coming across fantastic home design ideas using plywood in all its glory, and I love the clean and modern look it gives to a space. Plywood – a manufactured wood panel made from layers of wood veneer which is available in a number of different thicknesses – is cheap, easy to work with and offers huge design potential, making it perfect for experimenting with ideas for kids’ rooms (and grown-up spaces, too).… View Post

One of my top tips for toy storage is to be creative and to put things to different uses, so when I spotted these garden hanging baskets (ok, the baskets in the above shot may not actually be hanging baskets but I reckon they could be!), and garden wall planters being used to store toys I was immediately inspired. Since I saw this image of toys in flower wall planters I’ve been wanting to give the idea a Growing Spaces makeover – if these finally make their way into the twins’ bedroom or playroom they will most definitely be spray… View Post