I won’t be doing much cleaning over the bank holiday weekend *smug face*. Wanna know why? Because I’ve finally found something that’s helped me to keep on top of the endless housework that comes hand-in-hand with a busy family home with two young kids, a mud-loving puppy and a constantly-moulting cat. I’ve got to be honest, when the iRobot Roomba 966 – an all-singing, all-dancing robot vacuum cleaner – first arrived, I was cynical. It comes with a hefty price tag (retails at around £800), so it needed to be something pretty special to convince me it would make a… View Post

You may remember the collaborative project with Sarah-Lou that we named The Everyday Spruce. We posted regularly for the first half of last year, and then the busy summer months hit us. We never managed to find our groove again after that, so the project got shelved. However, Sarah-Lou and I both fancy reviving it, albeit in a much looser form.  It won’t be a full-on as it was before – I may try to post something monthly but we’ll see. It’s more that if and when we think of something that fits, we’ll blog about it. Here’s a little… View Post

Where am I right now? At my desk, writing the three homes features I have outstanding? Meticulously leafing through my collection of interiors magazines to find ideas to use in the new space downstairs? Painting the acres of new plaster and old magnolia walls that need their first coat of white paint urgently? Manically shoving loads of washing into the old washing machine in case it gets disconnected tomorrow morning? Or am I hiding in my bedroom? Under the duvet no less, too terrified of the state of my ground floor to brave a trip down the stairs? Lots of… View Post