We struck lucky with the weather on the weekend we spent at Wriggly Tin with Canopy & Stars – it was unexpectedly warm and sunny (so unexpected I failed to pack the appropriate clothing!), so it meant we got to really enjoy exploring the site. Wriggly Tin isn’t set up for kids, but for me that’s a huge positive. There’s no playground, swing, playroom or ice creams, but the twins weren’t bored for a second. occupying themselves from the moment they got up until they were tucked up for the night in their bunkbeds. The site is absolutely covered in dandelions, and these… View Post

The month of May has meant a lot more time spent outside. The weather has been kind to us, we had our impromptu weekend away in Dorset, plus we’ve been hard at work in the garden – an ambitious project that I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you soon (if you follow me on snapchat – heatheryounguk – you’ll have already seen a bit of what we’ve been up to). Our garden has burst into bloom, and I’ve all relished spending time out there again, especially when I catch the heady scent of  jasmine on the breeze. Other things – the… View Post

Did you know it’s UK Coffee Week? “A united platform where coffee operators, trade professionals and consumers can join together in celebration of the coffee industry and raise funds to give back to the communities which grow our coffee” – click here for a map to find out which of your local coffee shops are taking part. And so to celebrate in my own way, I thought I’d style up my kitchen table in a little homage to coffee for this month’s Styling the Seasons. You’re probably aware that I have a bit of a thing for coffee. Not any… View Post

Images (clockwise from top left): Emily Quinton, Gooseberry Fool, FrenchMango_Creations, Fireflies and Mudpies It’s been another inspiring month for the Create Make Share linky, hosted by myself together with Anthea from Zing Zing Tree and Emma from Kids Craft Room. The ‘green’ theme felt so fresh and uplifting – I’ve picked my favourite crafting moments. These were bright and refreshing, but also had a wonderful sense of quiet about them – Emily’s homemade garland hanging above those gorgeous bulbs, Rachel’s moment of mindfulness while catching up on some crochet, Peggy’s cute little embroidery piece for her new creative venture and… View Post

: Styling the Seasons, by Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots : “Reflect the change of seasons and show those changes in your own home, by styling any surface (shelf, dining table, mantelpiece) with something you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you” We had a pyjama day yesterday to celebrate the end of half term, and it ended up being one of those wonderful days when everyone is content and relaxed all day long. The kids seemed to relish the opportunity to just play with each other, and they were off creating their own… View Post