{Review} Look Again ‘Create A Room’

When you’re trying to create a new look for a room in your home, it can be really difficult to picture the room as a whole. Putting together a mood board with swatches of fabrics, paint samples and pictures of furniture and accessories can help, but it still won’t give you that three-dimensional impression of what all the separate elements will look like when used together in a room setting.

So Look Again has added a new room designer tool to its website – a ‘Create A Room’ widget that lets you play around with elements such as wallpaper, rugs and curtains to find a combination of colours and patterns that works in a living room or bedroom setting. Now I could happily look at rooms and furnishings all day (and often do!), so when the team at Look Again asked me to create my own dream room using the widget, I jumped at the chance to have some fun with it.

First up I tackled the living room. You’re given a bare room with a sofa and sideboard to start with..

When putting together my dream living room from the selection of furnishings, I chose the wallpaper first, and went for a design that’s modern and will work with any accent colour. Next up I looked at curtains, toying with the idea of some in neon pink, but opting in the end for this turquoise shade that reminds me of our kitchen tiles. A cream rug keeps the room light, and I loved the way the simple grey cushion caught the light.

Next up I looked at the bedroom, with its dark leather bedstead…

Again I chose wallpaper first, going for something pretty and feminine, but that’s still quite graphic. The gorgeous red bedlinen picks up the red in the wallpaper. I wanted to keep the rest of the room light, so opted for a cream rug and off-white curtains.

The main plus point of the ‘Create A Room’ tool is how easy it is to use. You can quickly flick through the options for each element, and there’s no waiting around for the images to load – it’s extremely quick. I think that the furnishings have been photographed well so that they look realistic when dropped into the room setting.

My biggest complaint about the widget would be the slightly limited choice of furnishings that are currently on there. I also don’t like that you can’t change the furniture options because I found myself designing the room around the furniture as I couldn’t look past it. It would be great to have a few different choices of sofa or bed. I was also itching to add a few more accessories such as a table lamp on the sideboard or bedside table.

On the whole I think this is a really useful tool if you’re redesigning a room. The items you select are listed clearly in a separate box, where you can edit your size options, see the total price, and add items to your bag. It couldn’t really be easier!


Disclosure: I was commissioned by Look Again to write this review but that hasn’t stopped me sharing my honest opinion.


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