10 of the best Etsy Christmas decorations

I have Christmas craft projects stacking up, and it’s probably time to face the fact that I’m not going to have time to make them all this year. Luckily I can head over to Etsy to buy decorations that are still handmade, just not made by my fair hand. All of these ten decorations are things I’d choose to adorn my own home with over the festive season.

Etsy product details

1. Merry Christmas vintage card banner by AmyKristineVintage, £6.31 plus postage (from US)
2. Felt Christmas tree decoration by JessQuinnSmallArt, £14.50 plus postage
3.  Winter Christmas town paper decoration by GreenCaligo, £10 plus postage
4. Vintage book decorative Christmas stars by BeneathTheWeather, £5 for five plus postage
5. Christmas printable ornament set by SamOsborneShop, £2.75 for four
6. Retro fabric Christmas light ornaments by bluesandbranches, £15.14 for six plus postage
7.  20 2″ Vintage Reindeer Kraft Christmas or Favor Stickers, Gift Wrap, Envelope Seals by StudioFourSeventeen, £2.84 plus postage (from US)
8. Peace Christmas wreath by knitsnbits, £22 plus postage
9. Crochet mistletoe Christmas decoration by TealandMustard, £5 each plus postage
10. Owl Christmas ornaments by PrinceDesignUk, £8.83 for three plus postage


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