{Make it} DIY Pinecone hanging wall decoration

When I was packing away the Christmas decorations, I hesitated at the bag of pinecones, and decided to keep them out rather than say goodbye to them for another year. I’d seen some fantastic yarn-wrapped pinecones on Pinterest, and thought I could raid my yarn stash to have a go at making some myself. Rather than using them to fill a bowl as a decorative touch for a table, I thought I’d attach my yarn-wrapped pinecones from a branch to create a decoration that could be hung to brighten a plain wall. Mine is adding some much-needed colour to our dull landing upstairs (which feels even more dreary without our advent calendar).


  1. Wrap each of the five pinecones in your chosen yarn – I opted for a rainbow theme. Start at the bottom of the pinecone, where the cone scales are closest, and secure the yarn by pulling it through between the tightest scales, then trimming off the loose end. Wrap the yarn around the pine cone from the bottom to the top, making sure each section is wound plenty of times to build up a decent layer of wool.
  2. Secure the yarn at the top of the pinecone with a knot (a blob of glue or a pin would also work). Crochet a chain of single crochet stitches starting from the top of the pinecone to get the length you want the cone to hang from the branch (just leaving a length of the yarn without crocheting would also work), and tie it to the branch.
  3. Once all of your pinecones are attached to the branch, tie each end of a length of string or garden twine to the ends of the branch, and hang from a nail or screw at the middle of the twine/string.


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