Etsy’s best… HANDWRITING-inspired buys

Today is National Handwriting Day 2014, and in celebration I had fun scouring Etsy for my favourite handwriting-inspired buys to share with you. In my mind, that ipad case has my name all over it…

1.  Lined paper personalised fabric pencil case by printsnpatterns £19.82 plus postage
2. I love writing set of three pencils by thecarboncrusader, £2.48 plus postage
3. Wish list hand illustrated pocket journals by ohNOrachio, £6 plus postage
4. His and Hers pillow covers by ZanaProducts, £33.45 plus postage
5. Lined paper ipad case by pilosale, £14.87 plus postage



Disclosure:I have an affiliate relationship with Etsy,and if you click through to buy any of the products I’ve chosen above,I may earn a small commission


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