Things to do in Queenstown when you’re four: Queenstown Gardens

We’ve been back home for nearly a month now, but our trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, is still fresh in our minds. It was a fantastic place to go with two four-year-olds and in the time we were there we definitely established some favourite haunts around the town.

First up is Queenstown Gardens, a fantastic botanical garden just next to Queenstown itself. On an outcrop of land, the park offers some stunning views across Lake Wakatipu towards the surrounding mountains (from the southern side of the park) and over to Queenstown centre (from the northern edge), and the pathways are brilliant for scooting (we took the twins’ microscooters with us from the UK – you can detach the T-bar so they easily fit in a sports bag). We often parked up by the gardens (where there’s free parking) and then walked through the park down into town.

Queenstown from Queenstown Gardens | Young & Younger

Admiring the view from Queenstown Gardens | Young &  Younger

The paths through the centre of the gardens take you past some beautiful flower beds (there’s also tennis, lawn bowls, the ice rink and disc golf but we didn’t actually try any of these), or the path around the edge of the lake offers plenty of opportunities for clambering over rocks, pebble throwing and paddling on pebbly beaches. You can also watch the historic TSS Earnslaw steamer boat come in and out of the bay.

Paddling at Queenstown Gardens | Young & Younger

Queenstown Gardens | Young & Younger

Rock clambering in Queenstown Gardens | Young & Younger

Throwing pebbles at Queenstown Gardens | Young & Younger

There’s a car park in Queenstown Gardens itself (there are some restrictions) but there are also free spaces on the road alongside the park (Park Street leading down to Lake Wakatipu Ride) and these are where we always headed. If you take advantage of the free parking then your trip to the gardens won’t cost you a thing and it’s a great place to while away a few hours.

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