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The Shard, London | Growing SpacesI’ve seen the Shard from a distance, gazed up at it from the surrounding streets, and stood right underneath it, but I’d never actually been in until a couple of weeks ago when I headed into London for a morning with the Rooms Made For You team to find out about some exciting new launches. We were up on the 34th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel (only halfway up the tower!), and the view over London was spectacular.

We were introduced to three new solutions – Lifestyle Wall, Thistle Magnetic Plaster and Silent Floor – and it was Lifestyle Wall that really grabbed my attention. It’s a new type of plasterboard that allows you to fix literally anything, anywhere. There’s no need for specialist fixings – you can just screw directly into the wall surface, and each screw/fixing can hold up to 15kg weight. Now, we’re lucky in our current home to have walls that are pretty good when it comes to putting anything up, but we’ve lived in plenty of places where trying to put up the most simple thing is a headache from start to finish, especially where plasterboard is involved.

Lifestyle Wall from Rooms Made For You | Growing SpacesWe marvelled at the heavy weights we saw hung just from a couple of screws in the wall surface, we had a go at screwing into the wall ourselves (you don’t even need a drill), and our brains raced with the design possibilities that Lifestyle Wall offers.

Lifestyle Wall from Rooms Made For You | Growing SpacesFrom open kitchen shelving laden with tableware, to a huge (and heavy) statement mirror, to something as bonkers as an indoor climbing wall in a bedroom 😉 – Lifestyle Wall makes these things achievable in any home.

To allow you to easily personalise your home, Rooms Made For You have developed Thistle Magnetic Plaster – a clever plaster that attracts magnets to create a display area that can be endlessly changed and updated. Having tried magnetic paint myself (five coats and the surface still barely holds a single sheet of paper), this is a great innovation. All that’s required is thin layer of the plaster applied to the wall (like a standard plaster skim).

And finally, Silent Floor. The sound-insulating plasterboard linings applied to the ceiling allows for acoustic separation between the room above and below.

Then it was back on the train armed with a box of the most amazing macaroons from LÁNG at the Shangri-La that I’ve ever tasted. Thanks Rooms Made For You!

Shangri-La macaroons | Growing Spaces

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Rooms Made For You, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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