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I don’t know about you, but my bedtime routine is awful at the moment. I fall back on blaming the long winter for my exhaustion, but I know that really, if I focused on improving my routine in the lead up to bedtime, I would have more energy during the day. I’ve never been a night owl, but recently I’ve found myself staying up far too late, and then feeling exhausted as soon as a small voice says in my ear “morning mummy”, the bedside light clicks on, and I try to prise my fast-asleep eyes open.

I’ve only got myself to blame, and I know that concentrating on forming good bedtime habits does wonders. It doesn’t pay off immediately, but a few good nights in a row immediately lifts my mood.

So Sarah-Lou’s post for #TheEverydaySpruce series this week is perfectly timed. Her round up of 10 things to do before bed is full of good ideas. The first thing I’m definitely going to do is to set a bedtime alarm for an hour before I’d like to be settled in bed. Head over now to read the rest of her tips, and stop back here next Tuesday for my next #TheEverydaySpruce post…

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