Habitat cushions styled by Ez, age 5

IMG_6326 600When two cushions from Habitat’s new SS15 range were delivered to our house, Ez was immediately smitten, and as soon as I told her I needed to photograph them for the blog, she was desperate to get involved. Having got obsessed with her toddler camera at the end of last year, we got her a proper compact camera for Christmas (a secondhand bargain from eBay) to nurture her interest. She goes off and styles up her own shots, makes little videos and generally keeps a record of the things that she’s done it. It’s wonderful to scroll through her pictures and get a glimpse into her world. She quickly worked out how to navigate the camera, and independently discovered the favourites folder where she stores her current favourite images (these are always being updated). She’s much better than me at editing her shots as she goes!

And so I sent her off with the cushions (the fun and bright Petal , £15, is her top choice – the graphic, monochrome Lowe, £25, is mine) and her camera (it’s a Nikon Coolpix S6200) and she got shooting. The shots below are hers. When she’s in the picture, she set up the shot and just got me to snap it for her (still using her camera) – the art direction was all hers!

Habitat SS15 cushions styled by Ez, age 5 | Growing Spaces


Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Habitat, but the views expressed are all my own.


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