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Terrace table lamp from BHS | Growing SpacesWhen friends ask me to recommend shops for good-value lighting, I always think of BHS’s lighting collection first, so I was more than happy to review something from their lighting range here.

There have been some big changes happening in our living space – a large open-plan L-shape area that includes our kitchen, dining and living zones. We’ve always used a large freestanding shelving unit to help divide up the space and to try to make the living area feel a little more separate, but it’s never quite worked. You know when a space just doesn’t feel right? It’s been something that’s bothered us for ages, so we decided that the best solution is to embrace the fact that the space is open-plan. We’ve taken down the shelving unit to remove that visual divider and open the space up again. My handy husband has built a wall of shelving to provide a place for all the things that used to live on the shelving unit, and I can’t wait to share finished pictures with you.

BHS Terrace table lamp | Growing SpacesThe upshot of all this rearranging is that we had space on the new shelves to fill, and it seemed like a great idea to choose some lighting that looks good during the day, and then adds a glow to the shelves in the evening. BHS’s Terrace table lamp – a set of three white ceramic houses (a single house light is also available) – was just what I was after. The little ceramic houses look so cute on the shelves and I love the idea of displaying them nestled amongst a forest of houseplants (something I plan to try this week).

BHS Terrace table lamp | Growing SpacesThe Terrace lamp definitely ticks all the boxes during the day, but at the moment it’s a bit too bright in the evening. It came with 10W halogen bulbs, but I’m going to swap these for lower voltage ones to see if that feels a bit better.


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with BHS


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