5 ways to decorate with vibrant green

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In my Urban Jungle Blogger’s plant shelfie post earlier this week, I talked about how I seem to be moving away from the use of bright colours in my decorating schemes, favouring more neutral tones. But I also realised that I am using a lot of vibrant green in our home, because almost every surface has a houseplant on it (as you can see on our living room shelves). This is rather handy, as green is one of the biggest trending colours of the year (maybe because of the surge in interest in plants in the home). Those lush greens that succulents and other indoor plants offer can add an accent shade that doesn’t jar, and grouped together they almost create a whole feature wall of colour – Marie Friis’s amazing shelves above are a perfect example.

It’s got me thinking about other ways that I could work green into our home in a way that doesn’t overpower, but instead complements the neutral backdrop I’ve been leaning towards creating.

5 ways to decorate with green | Growing Spaces
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Our kitchen has a colourful tiled splashback, and although sometimes I find myself wishing for something more neutral, the tiles are a focal point and most of the time I love the vibrancy they add to the space. I think that colours such as blue or green are quite easy shades to work – you can mix them with brights for a more energetic look, or you can pare them back with greys, white and taupe. I love these emerald green tiles above – they add real depth and character.

5 ways to decorate with green | Growing Spaces
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Mellow greens such as sage sit very comfortably with neutrals and have a soothing feel that works well in a bedroom where it’s all about relaxation. You don’t have to dilute the shade – these colours can still feel quiet and restful, even when they’re strong. I love how the bedside table has been painted the same beautiful earthy green as the wall behind in the bedroom above – it really pulls the look together.

5 ways to decorate with green | Growing Spaces
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If, like me, you tend to favour a neutral backdrop (I like white or a very soft grey), then painting a piece of furniture can be the perfect way to introduce some colour without interrupting the overall feel. I’ve got a couple of pieces that are crying out for a lick of paint and I’m wondering if green might be the way to go.

5 ways to decorate with vibrant green | Growing Spaces
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I do love contrasting woodwork and I am determined to do it in our home at some point. Doesn’t the leafy green used on the doors and skirting in the hallway above really bring the space to life?

5 ways to decorate with green | Growing SpacesSource: Carpetright

There’s no missing the vivid green in the dining space above. With a darker floor, this space could feel quite gloomy, but the white wash laminate lifts it so it feels light, bright and modern. Vinyl flooring is a great option for a space like this, as it comes in so many different designs and  shades.

How do you feel about green for decorating? Are you inspired by any of the looks above, or will you be limiting your greens to those that grow in pots?

This post was written in collaboration with Carpetright, but the ideas and views are all my own


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