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Guest bedroom inspiration | Growing SpacesSource: Rikki Snyder

We actually haven’t had any guests to stay over the Christmas period, which is lucky because our guest bedroom leaves a lot to be desired. It’s basically a dumping ground slash cat den slash laundry drying room, which really doesn’t create the most welcoming of ambiences. They say that you should always spend a night in your spare room to see how it feels for guests who come to stay. Sometimes when I’m having one of my ‘lying awake in the middle of the night for hours’ episodes, I wonder about switching beds (you know when you think a change of scene might be the answer?), and then I picture our guest bedroom, think twice and continue tossing and turning in my own bed.

I made a start at giving the room a makeover when I painted one wall a bold blue, but (as so often happens), the project stalled. I need to have a think about bedroom furniture, and bedside tables in particular because although I love the look of the stack of magazines that’s currently acting as a table, I’m not sure it’s the most practical solution for a space that definitely needs some extra storage.

A new bedside light is another essential, and I’ve realised that this room has somehow been overlooked when it comes to houseplants – I’m definitely inspired by Igor’s bedroom that’s packed full of plants, and that’ll improve the air quality in there, too.

Here are some more bedrooms I’m lusting over, and you can see loads more on my ‘for bedrooms’ Pinterest board. I need to put that dark feature wall to good use, and tie it into the rest of the room. As soon as the kids are back at school next week I’ll be getting into the makeover groove – can’t wait to get started…

Guest bedroom inspiration | Growing SpacesSource: SF Girl By Bay

Guest bedroom inspiration | Growing SpacesSource: Homelife

Guest bedroom inspiration | Growing SpacesSource: Happy Interior Blog

guest room inspiration | Growing SpacesSource: Lesley W Graham

While I’m dreaming of the perfect guest bedroom, you should definitely check out Furniture Village’s Christmas Countdown where this week you can enter a simple competition to win the Ondatta mirror, worth £399. You absolutely can’t beat a statement mirror to add style to a bedroom.

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Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Furniture Village, but all thoughts and views are my own.


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